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we are pleased to present to you our newest product which, with its special/unique property, is able to help you to fight against thè accumulation of undesired fat, specially it allows you to lost weight without suffering from hungry: in few words we can explain to you thè reason ofthis finding. Oli spaghetti KiliOff (+ glutea – starch) bave been designed to enrich and to reinforce thè protein net inside thè pasta. This intention has been successfully achieved. Thus this product, even if it contains less starch than usuai (61.9 per KiliOff against 73.9 per pasta made of durum wheat) is able to supply for you an abundant energy (glucose in blood)slowly and lasting in time up to 6-8 hours. In fact this protein net is able to entrap thè starch and to release it slowly during its intestinal transit. This event indicates that thè KiliOff does not cause thè accumulation of fat in thè body explaining why eating KiliOff one does not get fat. These properties are eàsy toverifv: in fact thè pasta do notovér-do: moreover using 150-200 gram of KiliOff as a meal one is able to obtain a well being feeling up to 6;8 hours allowing to work without recourse anysnack etc.Thè dietary Pasta KiliOff offers you to 1)lost weight (3-4 Kg during thè first week of thè diet) quickiy without suffering from hungry specially if applies a hypocaloric diet; 2) get no fat and allows to maintain one's weight and line; 3)adsorb and to control& lt;/B> intestinal liquid, lipid (cholesterol) included; 4) thèresolution of thè phenomenon of constipation: 5) slow down thè release of starch, resulting to keep thè low glucose ratio in thè blood thus it allows diabetics to eat major quantity ofthis pasta,improving decisively their quality of life; 6) provide you up to 6- 8 hrs of well being feeling with a moderate cost enabling one not oniy tosave monev but also toincrease bis work efficiencv indisputably.

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