Welcome to our website! The answer to why we feel all working and professional career women need an organization like “The National Organization for Househusbands” goes back into herstory.

Dear Readers:

Throughout the past, women were not on equal footing with men for one simple reason: physical strength. The past was a time when competition for a limited food supply resulted in tribal rivalry and community territorialism. Frequently, this led to outbreaks of war and other forms of physical or armed conflict. Success in war brought rich rewards for those who were superior in battle. This led to the abuse of power by those who could defend territory, conquer territory, and control others through coercion. Sadly, they learned that if they could control those outside of their community, they could also control those inside of their community as well. Thus, governments based upon coercion arose and set up the vicious cycle of Patriarchy. The past was a dark time when “might made right.”

In addition to war, muscle power was required by old societies for building shelters, taming horses, plowing the fields, irrigating the crops, and the transportation of large, heavy objects. This is one of the reasons why societies with horses advanced faster in technology than societies without horses. Muscle power was highly prized as a means of providing superior food supply.

In this harsh environment, women were pushed into servitude, pushed into the kitchen and pushed into the position of primary care for raising children despite the fact that women are equal to men in intelligence. Because society was coercion based, women were forced to suffer silently with the governance and decisions of physically stronger men because they feared either physical punishment, or lack of critical food and support for raising their children as the result for voicing a difference of opinion. This was a time when women were not even considered citizens of society as they were not allowed to vote. As this lifestyle went on century after century, it became a tradition or culture. Women were taught to believe that men ran the world and that a woman's role was limited indeed. Women came to accept it as their lot for being born women.

Thanks, in part to the evolution of technology, things are rapidly changing for women. Ironically, weapons of mass destruction have actually prevented large scale wars. Combustion engines and electric motors have taken the place of animal muscle. Technology has taken away the need for muscle power as even a child can successfully drive a multi-ton vehicle or farm tractor. Today, the line between women and men is becoming blurred. The new world is one where intelligence and knowledge are valued at a premium over muscle power. Workers now push pencils and type on keyboards instead of swinging an ax or plowing the field with horses.

Today, women have emerged as equal to men in the ability to create equal value in the creation of wealth for society. Women are fully capable of supporting themselves and being independent in our modern day world. Perhaps, this is the first generation of women who can truly choose a spouse based solely upon love and compatibility rather than being forced to consider the economic aspects in a mate for providing for a home and family.

If we examine the statistics of women graduating from universities today, we recognize that the future will host even more women in professional careers compared with the current educational trends of men. This means there will be a surplus of educated, professional, career women in the future who will be forced to make a life decision: to pursue a career or to pursue a family. Very few women will be able to handle both successfully.

Given our biological legacy, women will always be the bearer of children, yet is it fair to professional women that they must interrupt their valuable careers, careers they spent years developing, while their professional male counterparts can have kids and never miss a day of work? Shouldn' t a woman be rewarded for bringing a beautiful new life into the world instead of being economically punished? If not economically punished, then emotionally punished by being forced to have their kids raised by strangers or in day care?

It does not make sense for our nation's economic health to put highly trained, talented and capable female professionals in the home while we have new and wholly untapped alternatives. Here is where men can come to the rescue. Just as we see more women choosing to pursue a career, we are also seeing a growing trend with men who are willing to stay home. Many men are willing to forego a career and move into a support position for their career woman. We believe in the synergy of the union between a woman and a man, and we believe it is of no consequence who stays home and who chooses to have a career. As long as the family unit is maintained, the world will be a happy, healthy place.

Thus, we feel today is the dawn of a new breed of men: the househusband. Being a househusband is not for every man, just as being a housewife is not for every woman. However, we feel that it is up to us women to develop and encourage more men in this most valuable role. We believe a career woman is most compatible with a househusband and vice versa. One supports the other and all of society benefits as well as the nuclear family itself.

Our history is our history. We are not saying it did not serve its purpose, but we now propose an evolved philosophy of life. We feel we have yet a ways to go before all women are equal to men and can enjoy all the same privileges. This organization serves to benefit professional women in their careers and we feel men can help women greatly in this time of transition. The future is going to be wonderful and we are excited.

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