Househusbands of Hollywood

The contestants are Grant Reynolds, Darryl Bell, Bill Ashley, Charlie Mattera, and Danny Barclay. Grant, a former Marine Corps sniper, is married to Jillian Reynolds–the host of “American Idol Extra” and co-host of KTTV Fox 11's “Good Day LA.” They have a two year old daughter, Ruby, that is primarily cared for by Grant. Grant says “My main goal and my main identity for the time being is taking care of my kid, and I'm going to give it one hundred million percent.” He also jokes that he doesn't like his wife's online persona, but the person she is at home is who he loves.

There is a new reality show on Fox Reality –Househusbands of Hollywood. The show follows husbands that take care of the house and the kids while their wives work in Hollywood.

Darryl is married to Tempestt Bledsoe, who played Vanessa Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.& quot; They don't have any kids, but have several responsibilities around the house that fall on Darryl. Although Tempestt says she takes care of her fair share of the house too, Darryl feels like he does it all. On the first episode, they show Tempestt cleaning out the fridge of all of Darryl's leftovers, which he insists he'll be eating later. Darryl is also an actor himself, best known for playing Ron Johnson on “A Different World.”

Billy played for the Los Angeles Dodgers until suffering a career-ending injury. His wife, Lisa Ashley, is a makeup artist for A-list celebrities. She also has her own skin care line. Bill spends his days answering calls from those that want to purchase his wife's products, and taking care of the house and their two daughters, Alexa (11) and Sofia (9). “Billy does the cooking, Billy does the shopping, in fact, I'm not allowed to touch anything, really and truly, just not allowed.” says his wife Lisa. Lisa is also best friends with Jillian Reynolds, an occasionaly gets to work with her.

Charlie is “totally irresponsidle and silly.” He jokes that his son is “what happens when you go to Cabo.” Charlie is an actor/screenwriter. His wife Gail, who won't be on the show, is married to a prominent psychologist. She sends her husband a to-do list everyday, which he loves doing. The story of Charlie's “troubled youth that led him to a life of crime” will be told throughout the series.

Danny is trying to make his way into Hollywood as an actor. His wife, Katherine, is an attorney at a Hollywood firm, and provides for the family while Danny tries to make it big. “I don't think Brad Pitt and George Clooney do…this. Cleaning dog hair off the carpet is like an hour of work. When I imagined my life as an actor, it wasn't covered in pug hair!” Danny does his wife's daily chores, although he still feels like she thinks he does nothing all day. Danny also works on his “kegerator”, his pet project for the moment. Just what is a “kegerator?” “A horizontal freezer modified to store two kegs of beer — a necessary beverage to get through a househusband's day.” Katherine, on the other hand, does not appreciate his little project, and has banished it to the garage.

The show follows these men and their families, as their kids reject their moms and prefer their dads (Grant and Jillian), to older kids insulting their dads by reminding them–”You don't work, since like ever!” (Billy) Billy gets frustrated trying to get his girls ready in the morning, and thinking about his devastating missed career as a professional baseball player.

The show continues Saturday on Fox Reality Channel at 9 pm. There are several repeats of the show as well, tonight at 6 and 11 pm, and early tomorrow morning at 4 am.

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