Italy: 1000 recommendations for house husbands

today I am writing to the 22,600 stay-at-home dads or house husbands in Italy.


There is a website with a lot of helpful and practical information in order to help you best face domestic life on a daily basis. The site contains excellent suggestions and I highly recommend paying a visit not only to house husbands, but to everyone who reads Dottore dei Computer, both male and female.

Here are some examples on what you can find:

·        Advice on how to hang and dry clothes.

·        Advice on how to do the laundry.

·        How to sew a button.

·        Secrets on how to deal with hard-to-remove stains.

There is much more: for example, you can find information on aromatic plants, cooking, health, and more.

This site is run by the ASUC (House Husbands Association), whose goal is to protect this new category of workers.

You'll find this and much more at

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