Some women keep their househusbands – 'in the closet'!

Some women keep their househusbands – 'in the closet'! Yes – they enjoy having a special relationship with a submissive and feminine partner – but they are ashamed of their pleasure. They even talk about their subhusbands in the third person!

'We never talk about Alan's she-male role. Instead we talk about 'Alice' as though she is a third-party in our marriage. I only take 'her' out on special occasions. If I'm feeling a bit low – I say to Alan, 'Why don't you ask Alice if she would like to spend the night?' And he leaves me to 'dress' as a perfect 'female' companion. Alice pampers and spoils me. It's like my little treat. I wouldn't like to have her around all of the time, and I certainly don't want other people to know about my househusband!' Confesses a New York Woman!

This is a common theme. Once a wife has tasted the forbidden fruit of feminization she cannot resist further experimentation. Passive men create dominant wives! But she also values her 'conventional' marriage. Bossy women enjoy the benefits of having submissive obedient husbands, but are ashamed of them! One way of dealing with this paradox is to pretend that the feminized husband is a real person. Someone who can be 'invited' into the family circle or excluded as and when circumstances dictate.

And subhusbands often prefer this approach to role swapping. As Mitch explains, 'I always felt guilty about 'dressing-up'. I am not a transvestite. I wanted to please my wife but the 'morning-after' a cross-dressing session was particularly traumatic. Waking up in a nightgown and facing my wife was a bizarre and humiliating experience! It's much better now as 'Michelle' has her own room with her own clothes. My wife gives me the night off when she wants her kinky night with a she-male. And I reappear as 'Michelle' – her submissive feminized househusband – it sounds weird but it works.'

And Doctor Gillian Fairbanks who runs a special advisory centre for role-swapping couples agrees, 'Non-transvestite feminization is generally beneficial. The only negative side-effect of this increasingly common life-style is guilt. The man, despite the fact that this phenomenon is wife-inspired, finds his guilt and shame swamps the desire to please his wife. And the woman believes she has 'robbed' her partner of his natural right to masculinity. These are good and healthy responses – they prove that the couples still respect each other, and that they recognise their 'real-life' roles in society. My advice is simple. Turn the 'househusband' into a real person, a woman they both recognise and accept within their home. Create that secret she-male – and only use her when necessary!'

Unfortunately this approach can be too successful! As Lynn explains, 'I got so used to thinking of John as 'Joan' – I became so happy with this 'woman' – I introduced her to my mother! And we can't put my househusband back into the closet – Mummy wants to share my she-male subhusband!'.

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