The House Husbands

Terry and Greg stay at home and look after the kids while their wives (Linda and Katie) are at work.

Terry (Mackenzie Crook) 
Greg (Hugh Dennis)  
Likes: Hello Magazine, high-performance washing machines, arranging flowers in a 4-4-2 formation. 
Dislikes: being treated as a sex object, being taken for granted, underwear that chafes. 
Dark secret: Terry worries about his weight and Greg's had scrotum augmentation. 
Most likely to say: “I'm thinking of becoming a dinner man. They always need an extra pair of hands and it's a bit of pocket money. Besides, be nice to get my hands on some professional kitchenware.” 
Least likely to say: “Let me turn the water off at the mains then I'll give you a hand changing that washer.” 

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