The Italian housemen association is born

Same opportunity sustainable devolopment, environmentalism are the main topcs association



Same opportunity, sustainable development, environmentalism are the main topics of the association. Pietrasanta (Lucca), the Tuscan well-known town of arts will give birth in Autumn 2002 to the newborn association of housemen.

The aim of this non-profit association- explains it's president Fiorenzo Bresciani- is to promote a new idea of a man who seeks pleasure in domestic affairs such as domestic ecology and cultivates at the same time feelings and social relationships: a ludic and convivial man who can knock down barriers between men and women by the achievement of dialogue.

“Cooking, cleaning, taking care of details that seem to be insignificant but which instead make living an art – goes on Bresciani- have been fascinating me more and more. I have been considering how much prejudice and a culture strictly linked to the sterotype of a virile and macho man damaged us, bereaving us of the pleasure of taking care of people we love and of the possibility of enjoying our homes”.

More and more men united in the fascinating rediscovery of domestic activities sharing the same experience, has led to the birth of the Housemen Movement in 1999 and now of the National Association that wants to be -as Bresciani says- an instrument of cultural and existential development for all those men who are interested in participating to the evolution we are proposing”

Housemen are persuaded that a massive presence of women in the “control room” can modify faster the detrimental effects of the warrior-man model. “Peace, same opportunity, respect for the earth and the nature represent strong values which can go beyond political alliances.”

There is no possibility of devolopment if not a sustainable one. Concerning this the association first care will be the development of homely ecology by organizing meetings showing that is possible to have a house safe and clean without having to pollute the environment and most of all without making an attempt on the health of our family.

“Once more we will appeal to the Italian Housewives Movement and to all those Associations interested in the matter in order to grow into a team; we will certainly place our results at everyone disposal. We are also thinking to carry out a theatrical event inspired by housemen, but on this topic I can't say more”.


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