Angels on BBC THREE

“Little Angels should be compulsory viewing for all parents… We parents get no training – we just muddle through on the job. But this show could seriously reduce the amount of screaming, scolding and smacking in homes up and down the country.” (Ulrika Jonsson, News of the World)


Clinical psychologist, Dr Tanya Byron, has become a saviour to mums and dads across the country who are struggling to cope with unruly toddlers and demanding young children.

Since Little Angels premiered on BBC THREE in 2004, the series has proven invaluable to anyone dealing with problematic young children, from nursery nurses to teachers, child support workers to harassed mums, dads and grandparents.

In 2005 Dr Tanya Byron will offer help to more families proving that, with the right techniques, teenage traumas can be overcome.

Continuing in the unique Little Angels tradition, Tanya will provide a helpful and timely word in the ear to parents via a radio receiver as they deal with angst-ridden adolescents in Teen Angels.

Little Angels

Little Angels returns to BBC THREE in 2005, providing more family dilemmas for Tanya and the series' new experts, psychotherapist Rachel Morris and clinical psychologist Dr Stephen Briers.

From dealing with boisterous defiant young children who fight all the time, to controlling children who refuse to go to bed, Little Angels provides very practical advice to parents on what they need to do to soothe their own family tensions.

The series is accompanied by a new Little Angels book in 2005 and further information on the series, including Tanya's top tips, can be found at

Little Angels is a BBC production for BBC THREE.

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Teen Angels

Having successfully devised the most effective techniques for dealing with the troublesome toddler in Little Angels, Dr Tanya Byron and Dr Stephen Briers turn their expertise to what is arguably the most awkward and challenging of the species – the hormone-ridden, truculent, confused human being that is the teenager.

In Teen Angels the two expert clinical psychologists try to help families and their teenagers by offering objective insights into their interactions and suggesting new, more constructive modes of behaviour for the whole family.

The challenge is to see whether, with professional advice in their ear, families can turn potentially explosive situations around.

It's a learning experience for all as they analyse their own actions to find out what is the trigger for trouble. & lt;/b>

Teen Angels is a BBC production for BBC THREE.


Who Rules the Roost?

It's hard for today's working mums and dads to 'have it all' – there are childminders and bosses to deal with and the housework to do, and when that's all sorted, there's precious little time left for the kids.

Many working mums and dads love their jobs but miss their kids.

They feel guilty that they don't spend more time with their children but worry about giving up the income and personal satisfaction that work brings them.

What do you do when work leaves you too tired to cope with the children?

Over four weeks in Who Rules the Roost?, mum and dad take it in turns to give up work and become their children's full-time carers.

That means coping 24 hours a day, seven days a week with endless piles of laundry, demands for food and keeping their tiny offspring entertained.

Since it started in 2003, Who Rules the Roost? has struck a chord with working parents and has given several families the chance to find a solution by radically changing their lives.

Addressing the reality of modern parenting, BBC THREE shows working parents that they are not alone in finding it hard to cope with the conflicting demands of work and home life.

Who Rules the Roost? is a Ricochet production for BBC THREE.


Midwives – The Laughter and the Tears

The miracle of new life is explored from the perspective of those who must deliver it in Midwives – The Laughter and the Tears, a new series for BBC THREE which follows midwives in their work at Derby City Hospital.

No two births are the same and a typical shift on the labour ward brings a succession of different cases for the staff undertaking one of most rewarding jobs of all.

But delivering babies is far from easy as midwives contend with the mums who are 'too posh to push' and those who ignore their doctor's warnings and insist on home births, against the odds.

From dealing with teenage pregnancies to helping mums with alcohol and drug addictions, confronting inner-city and cross-cultural problems during home visits, and handling marathon labours and overactive babies, these midwives have their work cut out.

The series also follows one of the few male midwives in the country to see how he copes in a traditionally female- based industry.

Midwives – The Laughter and the Tears is a BBC production for BBC THREE.


The Week the Women Went (working title)

Award-winning documentary maker Nick Mirsky (Blood on the Carpet, When Michael Portillo Became a Single Mum) and Kelly Webb-Lamb (Back to the Floor, I'll Show them Who's Boss) have been commissioned by BBC THREE to make an ambitious observational documentary series looking at how an English village community copes when all the women are taken away for one week.

This is an intriguing social experiment designed to see how a community of men rise to the challenge of filling all the roles in village life.

Are these tasks the men are already comfortable with, or will the experiment suggest that men cannot cope with the daily grind of running the family home and getting the kids to school on time?

What happens to the mother and toddler groups, the community events and the social clubs when the women who normally run them leave it to their husbands?

The Week the Women Went (working title) is a BBC production for BBC THREE.


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