Househusbands and death Katie posts about this study:

Women have been telling men for decades that staying home with little kids is one of the most challenging, stressful jobs imaginable. Apparently for some men, unused to the rigors of changing 45 diapers a day, refereeing 28 arguments over small pieces of plastic toys, and preparing more than a dozen meals and snacks ( most of which will remain only half eaten) in an eight hour period, this stuff can actually kill them.

I understand she is trying to make a point about how difficult it is to be a parent, but she takes the study out of context. Of course it is easy to see why, since the title of the file, “husbands_stress_1″ also singles out the male version of the study. When you read the article, you see that it is both sexes who suffer when taking on non traditional roles, which indicates not that keeping house is so much more stressful than working nine to five, but that taking on a non traditional role increases stress levels accross the board, resulting in a higher death rate for househusbands and for female executives when compared to their opposite sex counterparts. 

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