'Transplant has turned me into a housewife': Man now addicted to cleaning after receiving woman's cornea.

Even before his eyesight drastically deteriorated, Will Palmer was never to be seen when the housework needed doing in his home. But after a corneal transplant to correct a serious visidailn problem, the father-of-three has suddenly become obsessive about the cleaning. In fact, so profound is Mr Palmer's new-found devotion to housework – to the delight of his long-suffering partner, hospice worker Sarah Gadsby, 45 – that he believes his transplanted cornea must have been donated by a woman.

Since the transplant in March this year, the financial adviser, 46, can often be seen carrying a duster at his home in Doncaster.

He said: 'Before my vision started to deteriorate my partner had to pester me into doing my bit. But now I'm always at it.

The late donor of Mr Palmer's new cornea will remain anonymous so he will never know for sure whether it came from a woman or not, although he is in no doubt.

'For some reason seeing the grime gets right on my nerves.'

'It started as a joke that I must have been given the cornea of a woman but I really do think it's true,& apos; he said.

'There's a reason why men don't clean like this and I think it's because we just don't see the dirt, but I see it everywhere I go.'

Referring to the music video where Freddie Mercury dressed in drag to do housework, Will said: 'My kids, Elizabeth, 14, Charlotte, 12, and Simon, ten, sing Queen's I Want To Break Free to me, though I do draw the line at a pinny. I really hope I don't start eyeing up pretty dresses.'

The story mimics that of 2008 horror film, The Eye, in which Jessica Alba's character had a cornea transplant and began seeing visions of murder witnessed by the cornea's previous owner.

Six years ago, Mr Palmer contracted corneal disease Fuchs' Dystrophy-which causes cells lining the inner surface of the cornea to die. Over time the sight in his right eye deteriorated so much that everything appeared cloudy and blurred.

He said: 'On a serious note I feel very thankful to my surgeon, my donor and their family who have made such a difference to my life.'

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