22,000 ‘house husbands’ managing Italian homes

here’s no need to be embarrassed about admitting that your job is taking care of the house, Italian men. There’s nothing less “macho” about it.

“Millions of women hold their heads high when they tell people their job is ‘housewife,’ we should feel free to do it too,” according to Fiorenzo Bresciani, 62, founder of the Men’s Housekeeper’s Association.

The organization was started in 2003 and became a point of reference for men giving up the jacket and tie for an apron and plastic gloves. It has about 6,000 members, but L’inal, an agency that tracks work, says the actual number of men tending house is much higher — 22,000.

Italian women still carry the lion’s share of domestic chores with an average of 55 hours weekly in comparison with 20 hours by men.

“A man’s peak of productivity is near the end of his life when he is retired and alone,” according to the Italian agency ISTAT.

When there are young children in the house and the wife isn’t able to care for them, or if a man loses his job or just wants to get back his piece of mind, becoming the head of the house could be the right choice.

Bresciani recalls when he went to the city hall to change the status on his identity card from business owner to “house husband” the person helping him insisted that he write “unemployed” instead. Bresciani refused saying that he had lots to do and was proud of his new “profession.”

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