Report concerning the associative activity in 2003 and today’s plans (2010 – 2015)

Our association was duly constituted at the beginning of 2003 but it has been acting for about ten yars. It receives those men who devote thenselves to housework part or full-time. These men are distributed all over the Italian territory

The most important Italian housewives association – MO.I.CA.- has fully understood the importance of this new reality and has established a relation of co-operation and exchange with us.

Social impact

Obviously the man who decides to devote himself to housework is not the “old”, dominating man, but a new man. A man who has realized the misdeeds and the defeat of a behaviour dating back to millennia ago. He reconciles with woman (in fact with himself) and continueshis relationship with her on the basis of a recovered and solid equality.
All that not giving up but, on the contrary, exalting his masculine nature in a reality, the house – family one, wich becomes more and more serene and balanced.
Many full or part time domesti men’s wives or partners tell to have recovered peace, harmony, serenity and even a mutual understanding and a satisfaction that seemed to be lost. Not only by chance some very intelligent advertising agents, careful of behaviour dynamics, have centred some advertising campains on the figure of the domestic man. Of course much more must be done so that people become conscious of this new reality also because “certain” press and “certain” TV always tend to show as a “joke” a behaviour that, on the contrary, openly shows the signs of a change wich is now still considered a mere fact of usage but it is a real cultural phenomenon.

Public Relations

The requests of partecipation in TV programs (RAI 1 – 2 – 3, RAISAT, Mediaset TG 5, La 7, various local broadcasting stations, best international ones too -like BBC Word) and the interviews to important Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines have been very numerous. I can cite the English Guardian and Daily Mirror, Danish and Norwegian papers and magazines, articles on Internet from various countries, first of all Turkey: Now a contract of co-operation is going to be drown up with one of the most important national sites on Internet wich will allow the direct management of a space at our disposal and of the people who want to get into touch with our association. We are studing (September 2003) the reorganisation of the Internet site ( to allow a wide partecipation in the discussion of specific interest themes (ecology, bioethics, bioarchitecture, etc.) and general themes (alternative medicine,books, music, etc.).
Every year a National Congress is organized, this is a chance of meeting and excange among us and with representatives of Italian and foreign scientific and cultural world.

Inside Organisation

The association , the president and other members, can be contacted for every demand concerning the house organisation management, daily small problems,informations regarding laws on the rights of domestic men, etc. If demands could not be satisfied, support are given to satisfy the worded needs.
In the past classes for learning the managing techinques of housework ( linen washing and ironing, use of clearing products, etc.) were organized, in the future we hope we will able to organize such classes in other parts of Italy, if required. Obviously another matter is cooking which is engaging us in the creation of new recipes or in the elaboration of recipes using biologic products.

Short report on the program activity (201o – 2015)

We are planning to enlarge the associative base ( now over 3000 people among members and sympatthizers) to be able to intervene more easily in support of the families who must manage husband and wife’s separation (a lot of men are obliged to do housework without any preparation) or helpingold women and men who cannot get through housework by themselves. This will be done promoting courses that could be enlarged men and woman or waiting for a definitive job or working part-time and who could be useful to others.
Recently an important and meaningful agrement with MO:I:CA (Italian Housewives Movement) has been achieved for the use of their structures spread al over the national territory for the organization and management, also together, of the above – metioned courses.
In our structure there are professional men and woman qualified in different fields, among them doctors able to give psycologic sustain in all those cases that should appear concerning what we have described above.


The President (Fiorenzo Bresciani)

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