Eros AND CLEANING: here’s coming housework for kindling passion of couples

From September couples and lovers will go
to laundry, cleaning and intimacy school

Lucca, December 2015. Between wife and husband cleaning will triumph. Now housework can be the chance to relight harmony of couple and becoming, why not, the opportunity to kindle erotic passion. All that is possible thanks to Master in Home Management, a real full immersion either addressed to young newlyweds and old married couples (but also both women in career and home-loving men). The master will get around the whole Italian land to teach all the secrets of the art of managing home. From the Washing Epistemology to the Home Fitness lesson, from the Science of Ironing to the secrets to match Eros and cleaning.

After the big success reached last February, the Master in Home Management is going around the most important italian cities to give all people the opportunity to practice or learn from the beginning techniques to became experts of cleaning. And, why not, between washing up and making bed, you can find the occasion to live privacy and unexpected intimacy. Lessons have started as any self-respecting school does at the end of September. Opened with , last October the master came to one of the most beautiful towns such as Verona and Bari. In all of the three venues master was a great success, registering a whole sold out

But italian tour did’nt stop. On November 27th, indeed, Turin was the fourth date; the domestic master most famous of Italy has stopped in the coolest trading centre of the city: La Rinascente. Then on December 11th home managers got ashore to Naples harbour. The amazing sailing ship Tortuga , moored at the Mergellina harbour, was the suggestive scenery of Science of Ironing and Eros and cleaning.

Eros and Cleaning: Methodologies and Timing; Washing Epistemology ; Science of Ironing; Home Fitness: here are the lessons held by real experts in these sectors, such as the Associazione Italiana Uomini Casalinghi (Italian Association man Househusbands), that has involved the aspiring home managers to improve their relationship both with their house and their own partner and especially with their own.

Master has taken place during an half full day and has been a real academic course with a diploma of specialisation at the end of it. Here below the subjects of master:

Eros and cleaning: methodologies and Timing
How to make a mountain of dishes or a floor to wash become a pleasant moment for couples without rows and discussions? How sharing duties to find again the harmony and why not, a real erotic feeling? Dusting brackets and bookshelves, making and undoing bed, using green fingers in garden: how household duties can become a moment to improve relationship for couple. In conclusion, the Spontex Master has revealed all the tricks both to feel in holiday moon and to awake unsleeping emotions.

Epistemology of laundry /Science of Ironing
Held by real experts such as Fiorenzo Bresciani, president of Associazione Italiana Uomini Casalinghi, and Tina Durando, Executive of the Italian Movement of Househusbands, subjects has offered all people that have taken part to, the possibility to acquire the know-how to face the hardest housework. Thanks to Washing Epistemology, washing machine, clothes and tablecloth don’t have anymore secrets, while science of Ironing, held by the Italian home manager most famous of Italy, Fiorenzo Bresciani, is a real science to learn with ability one of the domestic jobs most complicated and hardest.

Home fitness
Last but not least, the lesson of Home Fitness, or better, how to be fit and stay healthy, thanks to simple, but useful exercises that personal trainer has showed and taught people. All that not with gym pieces of equipment, but with sponges, gloves and dusters.


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