Italian House Husbands Band Together

Armed with dishrags and vacuum cleaners, some Italian men are hoping to dispel the myth of the non domestic Latin male by forming a National House Husband’s Association. An informal movement, started some 15 years ago, has already been busy giving intensive seminars on house keeping for Italian men.

“Our objective is to change this chauvinist mentality that considers men who help around the house as somehow less virile,” said just-named President Fiorenzo Bresciani.

“Even though in reality it is women who often judge a man who darns socks as less ‘macho.’ We believe that a man at home can also help make the most of women’s role in society.”  The Association, which already counts 2,000 members, has a hard road ahead since a recent study placed Italian men as the least helpful around the house in Europe. First on the agenda for house husbands, who have working pasts as managers, construction workers, butchers and firemen, when they converge today on Pietrasanta (Lucca) will be a discussion about ecological tidying up.

Associazione Uomini Casalinghi (In Italian Only)
The official site — recipes, aprons for real men and photo gallery of the ‘casalinghi’ in action…

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