Scope of the association

For a more responsible man in an equal pair opportunity society.

We suggest that the man leave from the masculine warrior model, charged with responsibility and full of rationality. What we want is that the man discovers how to take care of himself, his body and reinvent social relations and housekeeping activities.

The model that we promote is the one that belongs to the good homely
. This man is the one that runs the house and its given the opportunity to develop personal interests.
That man should leave from the idea of the warrior and meet the sentimental side, human relations and personal care.

We should re-build the antique society where the woman was the center and put them back replacing the man-centric society. Power in the hand of a man has just created wars, pollution and destruction.
During the female society in the past, women had a very high grade of education, elegance with no armies nor wars, no forts or not even a domain of one gender on the other.
The main aim of our association is to promote, in the most practical way, this new way of thinking. We want to bring together all men choosing to practice this “homely
art”, not as a support for the woman but with full responsibilities.

The idea is to favour the overcoming process from a male centric society to a female point of view.
The man who becomes a member of the association has the desire of discovering the pleasure of running the house.
The man who runs this new role is aiming to reach the same rights as a female housekeeper.

2-When was the idea born?
The “Association” was constituted at the beginning of 2003 however; it’s been in force for ten years.
The “Associazione Uomini Casalinghi” gathers men from all parts of Italy either full-time or part-time employed as housekeepers.

3- The profile of the male housekeeper:
The various members belong to different categories: the majority are married and some of them are totally dedicated to this activity, others are doing it coming back from their work. There are also singles that getting experiences of total independency and others are pensioners discovering the pleasure of being at home.

As previously introduced, the fundamental step of the members is to enjoy running the house.
What we propose to the men?
We propose to re-discover the pleasure of joint activities that have been considered not to be at the level of a “real man”. Instead, we want to teach how it can be inserted with a different optic, which will lead human attributes to grow under masculine aspects.

It will be a great surprise to understand how many aspects of compatibilities exists among men and housekeeping.
We want communicate how being a housekeeper can be conciliated with any other job, profession and status and also what a privilege it is to have the chance to work together with the housework.
Most of our members feel involved in domestic activities even if they have other occupations. The main difference is people’s perception of the homily’s role, stretching from not being accepted at all to have reasons to be proud.
The dimension of housekeeping is a lifestyle that belongs to any man: manager, worker, employee and sportsman. After the working day all men are also homily’s, putting all their attention on housework and children. This is the part that helps to create knowledge of the identity of being a man and a homely.

Associazione Italiana uomini casalinghi
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